Meet Dawn Peters

Dawn Peters is the CEO & owner of ConneXion Hub. She is a top executive, an International coach, and personal development veteran, turned entrepreneur, mentor, and ‘Ultimate Connector!’ She is passionate about empowering others to be successful, which she does in her own unique and highly effective way through a ‘multi-touch’ connection, marketing, & promotion platform.

Her ‘power of connecting’ stems from her move here to The States, from England, in 2000. When Dawn arrived here she knew two people. Now her network is now over 300k! She has networked extensively with diverse groups over the years…having been in corporate America, media entities, sat on non-profit boards, participated in national speaker networks, as well as multiple business conferences and networks.

She has 2 distinct passions that have shaped her business success:

  • Her love of people, and their stories
  • Her gift for networking & connecting

She has leveraged these into her Partnership Program where she is passionately and effectively taking businesses to their next level of success!

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