ROI Of Healthier Employees

Reap The Benefits (ROI) of Healthier Employees!

Corporations bear the financial weight of America’s BIGGEST HEALTH CRISIS. It is in the best interest for a company to prevent illness and ensure that their employees are fit, healthy, and productive.

  • Healthier bottom line
  • Reduces healthcare and premium costs
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Reduces on-the-job injuries and workers’ compensation costs
  • Reduces disability management costs
  • Improves interaction and communication with customers/clients
  • Promotes essential team-building
  • Improves employee morale
  • Helps recruit and retain effective employees


Create a corporate forum/wellness program for change in health, weight and wellness
Lower health costs and enhance work performance
Get massive tangible and intangible Return On Investment (ROI)


  • Overweight individuals have higher healthcare utilization rates (1)
  • A typical workforce of American adults is two thirds overweight/obese
  • Helps with improved health/weight issues at home, as well as healthier relationships
  • Shows good-will from the company and sends out the important message of self-responsibility
  • Studies show that employees who enter into a competition with their colleagues achieve an average 97 % success rate
  • There is a proven advantage to group support for successful weight-loss with co-workers
  • Promotes health, weight loss and wellnessEven a weight loss of 5 – 15% of body weight can significantly improve weight-related conditions
  • Preventable illnesses make up approximately 70% of the burden of illness and its associated cost (5)
  • 36% higher annual healthcare costs
  • 39% higher costs for primary care visits
  • 105% higher pharmacy costs
  • Obese employees cost American businesses up to 52% more in annual healthcare costs vs. healthy weight employees, not to mention the impact of obesity on absenteeism, disability and presenteeism(4)
  • 39 million lost work days, 239 million restricted-activity days, 90 million bed-rest days, and 63 million physician office visits per year are linked to obesity(3)


Naked Health offers an array of corporate coaching programs that can bring better health to your employees in the format that best suits the unique needs of your workforce. To learn more about the corporate programs, click here.

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