Partner-Only Boutiques

icon-speakingThese are exclusive networking gatherings for my partners only.

These are, aimed at enabling more, and deeper, connections, and therefore business. During these events, my partners have the opportunity, in a structured networking environment, to all come together and learn about each other’s businesses and networks. This enables a deeper connection than at a normal networking event, and therefore develops better relationships and more valuable referrals.


This is a mix of open networking, and introductory round-robin, followed by speed networking – a structured connecting/exchange of information. This way you get to connect one-on-one with every attending Partner.

Complimentary breakfast or lunch provided.(2hrs)


A very beneficial exchange of business acumen, and life experience, specifically designed to tackle real-time business challenges head-on. The format is a moderated discussion, as well as open networking, and elevator pitches in a round-robin style

Complimentary breakfast or lunch provided. (2hrs)


This is where I invite hand-picked contacts to meet my partners — ones that I have targeted as a ‘must meet’! The format will include open networking, followed by small groups/pairings to enable deeper connections with those invited contacts. Then there will be a mix n match.

Complimentary breakfast or lunch provided. (2hrs)


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