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Are you a ‘Nutritional Novice’? A ‘Disappointed Dieter’?

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Join me for The Mind-Body-Food Success System© A series of 9 important steps every health, weight conscious person needs to apply to lose weight and keep it off, be healthy from the inside out, and exude energy all day long! **Programs to suit all locations, schedules, and budgets’** ‘Alone we may be weak – together we are strong!’

What Is Naked Health Coaching All About?

This is an individualized program that adapts to YOUR lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and health history. You have five main lifestyle habits that create your weight, health, and energy levels. Food. Sleep. Hydration. Movement. Mindset. I teach the essential and fundamental facts of these habits; covering ‘how’ the body works, and ‘what’ and ‘how’ these are fueling or failing you. We work together to shift the priority you give to these, and how you can easily incorporate these changes into your everyday life. This is a real-life sustainable solution, empowering you with the tools needed to create a system that is for your whole lifestyle…for life. Real-life tools/techniques – I give what I call ‘street-smart’ solutions: tools and techniques that work in our hectic lifestyle, that are easily adapted, and are immediately effective. These have been tried and tested by many, as well as throughout my own weight-loss journey. I understand your struggles because I have been through them. I’m constantly on the go, and what I teach in the Mind-Body-Food Success System is exactly what I do personally to stay healthy, lean and fit.

How Does The Coaching Program Work?

The program consists of 8 sessions. Simply choose:

  • 1hr or 30min sessions
  • Weekly sessions, or every other week
  • Face-to-face/Skype/Telephone/Mix*
  • 24/7 text and email support if desired

(*Naked Health is physically located in Arlington, VA)

What’s Included

In-Depth Complete Assessment

An in-depth personal confidential questionnaire completed by you, and fully analyzed by me before the start of our first session. This shows where you are now and what’s going on that’s preventing you from reaching your goals. A copy of your recent blood test is also requested (if available) to ascertain a more complete picture.

Private Coaching Plan
  • Completely personalized 1:1 coaching. Each session I will cover a new specific lesson of nutritional/lifestyle do’s and don’ts. Within that topic, you’ll learn specifically the ‘what, why and how’ of everything you need to know. You will then make use of this, in the ‘real world’ by implementing it as ‘your new habit’.
  • One optional house visit (organization of food stores & food prep)
  • One optional guided & educational grocery tour
Customized Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategy
  • We will determine your weight loss and/or health goals, reason and motivation, and establish a realistic working plan and time frame.
  • Based upon the 5 main lifestyle pillars I will design a plan tailored to your preferences, with plenty of options for you to choose from.
Weekly Self Assessment Questionnaire

To help evaluate your progress you will complete a 1 page Self-Assessment Questionnaire prior to each session

  • Before each session I go over your Self-Assessment Questionnaire (one-page completed by you).  I use this, as well as any information that has come to light since the last session, to prepare fully for our session. This way I maximize your ‘takeaways’, so you can be immediately effective in stepping up and maintaining your weight loss.
  • Other more subjective assessment takes place each session to help track your progress.

To help evaluate, keep you on track, and make sure you reach your goals – step-by-step – each session I will give you 2-3 ‘to-do’ items to introduce into your new healthy regime.

Unlimited Email/Text Support

Unlimited email & text support for the duration of the coaching program

Ongoing Support & Guidance
  • Preparation, follow-up, and ongoing assessment on all sessions
  • Analyze your daily current nutritional patterns through a food log.
  • Accompanying handouts and associated materials
  • Recommend supplements where appropriate
  • All research for particular issues/concerns

Optional Expanded Topics

One size does not fit all – so depending on your choice and what suits your life – we can cover a number of topics in a lot more depth, e.g.,

  • Eating out
  • Traveling
  • BBQ’s and parties
  • Alcohol
  • Grocery shopping

  • Label reading
  • Alkaline/acid foods
  • Toxins and cleanses
  • Celiac disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Supplements

  • Cooking techniques
  • Snacks/Beverages
  • Mindless eating
  • Cravings
  • Stress management

How To Get Started

  1. Read through the ‘What’s included’
  2. The program consists of 8 sessions. Simply choose:
    • 1hr or 30mins sessions
    • Weekly sessions, or every other week
    • Face-to-face/Skype/Telephone/Mix*
    • 24/7 text & email support, or not (*Naked Health is physically located in Arlington, VA)

Need More Information? Looking To Get Started?

  1. Read the “Interview with Dawn”, a comprehensive question and answer session.
  2. View our client testimonials.

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